Making money, 140 characters at a time.

With social media finding its place in corporate, Twitter has followed suit with Facebook in allowing public offering for stocks to be traded for additional profit and revenue.

Experts expect Twitter revenue to hover around $583 million, despite the financial records being kept mostly private due to the requirements following an IPO filing. As most of the profits are made from advertising, the increased user traffic multiplying this revenue, the increased public interest is expected to raise over $300 million more in profit from current standing.

Currently, Twitter has a similar business model to Facebook, relying primarily on sponsored ads and promotional fees. Twitter also provides services for promoted tweets and posts, as well as campaigns for corporations and providing consumer data.

In the near future, Twitter hopes to expand their revenue by focusing of their development of mobile advertisement and the ability to promote “trends” in which a theme can be linked to a certain corporation or product.

Of course, this gives the public the opportunity to find a little piece of twitter in their ownership and even make a little bit of money as the value of the stocks are expected to rise with the improvements and expansion of revenue creating venues are integrated into the corporate model. However, with Facebook’s rocky transition following their IPO, you better watch to see if Twitter may follow suit if you want to keep you head above water and read this.