Tis the season to be “jolly”

“It isn’t what you know, but who you know.”WRAMc4F

Those words of wisdom have been stuck in my mind ever since I even considered coming to SMU, and especially now that I’m finishing up and looking to get into the vicious world of lawyers and businessmen, I’m looking forward to those nights of bourbon after days of golf with partners and CEOs. But I’m sure you’re not reading this for a joyful outlook on my future fitting of the season, you’re reading this for a bloody show. And believe me, you’re gonna get one.  Continue reading

The Next Generation Condom: Beef

I bet you didn’t know that people used to use cat gut as a contraceptive. Yea, that’s right. Cat gut. Intestines. A little weird when compared to modern latex or rubber, yet they all have their faults. And now that problem is solved. With beef tendon.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is offering $100,000 to each 11 ideas designed to reinvent the condom. The Gates Foundation offered the prize to scientists back in March to design a condom that people would actually want to use and would “significantly preserve or enhance pleasure.” The motivation behind this is quite noble, as the Gates Foundation is one biggest supporters of global health and aims to reduce the levels of sexually transmitted viruses such as HIV or unwanted pregnancies.

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I bet Merkel is only pissed about the spying because she was sexting.

Once again, the United States has been hit with another spying scandal, and instead of being brushed aside as a necessary matter in the war against terrorism, this time it’s not only on France and Germany, but now spying on the German Chancellor Angela Merkel when it was discovered that the United States was behind monitoring her private cell phone.

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Maybe Jesus was just a zombie.

Tomorrow, Joseph Atwill and Kenneth Humphreys will present his historical findings in London that show evidence that Jesus and corresponding biblical attributes are nothing more than first century Roman aristocrat fabrications as part of a psychological warfare operation during the Jewish-Roman war. The one day symposium will exhibit the controversial findings that question everything one of the biggest religions is based upon.


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If you don’t let me graduate, I’m shutting down the school.

Screen shot 2013-10-04 at 12.21.46 PMAs the Government shutdown has reached its third day, social media is awash with public opinions and jokes that all trend towards one thing: This is stupid.

Of course, as Congress still has yet to find some form of common ground to work on, this only give comedians and political commentators more fuel to for a seemingly endless supply of satire and ridicule.

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A New Pair of Boots at the State Fair

Sporting new Lucchese boots, Texans’ beloved state fair icon is making a huge comeback today when the State Fair opened up with the revealing of a new Big Tex.

This morning, new Big Tex was revealed publicly for the first time, making Texas-sized news. From fried foods to good old-fashioned pig races, Big Tex once again shines on as the icon for everything Texas.

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The Plight of the Pope

On Thursday, Pope Francis was interviewed about the directives of the Catholic Church and was most controversially noted for stating that the Vatican was “obsessed” with the issues of gay marriages and abortions, rather than issues more pressing to the head of the Catholic church. Of course, this was met with an explosive feedback from the social media world. Continue reading