A New NYFW Experience

Didn’t score tickets to New York Fashion Week? No fear, there is a new NYFW experience.

HEED is a new fashion app that allows users to experience New York Fashion Week from their mobile device. Using innovative technology, fashionistas can obtain insider information on NYFW. HEED provides a new NWFW experience by connecting users with stylists and influencers attending NYFW. An image displaying the HEED home screenUsers get real time-updates on the shows and styles. In addition to updates, users can live stream footage of the most popular runway shows (PR Newswire).

A new NYFW experience: HEED comes with six personalized features.

  1. My Mood: New technology detects facial recognition to determine a users mood via selfie
  2. An image displaying an example of the My Mood feature on HEEDAsk Me About: A live chat between industry stylists and users
  3. Discover: Users can discover the latest runway styles and closet must-haves
  4. Style + Win: Users participate in style challenges for a chance to win big
  5. Buy: Users receive exclusive access to limited edition clothing, red-carpet curated kits, and clothing from the spring runway
  6. Listen: Users can listen to the same music that inspires their favorite designers, models and stylist (HEED).

HEED is the product of Israeli entrepreneur Mati Kochavi. HEED is designed to bring people closer to their passions. The innovative technology Kochavi created does just that. According to Yahoo Finance, “HEED is powered by AGT’s world-class technology which includes IoT analytics, deep web analysis, machine learning and more.” In addition, “App development has been in the works since the joint venture between WME-IMG and AGT was announced earlier this year, to create the best new technology-enabled platform for the fashion industry. More than 40 Ph.D. data scientists and 150 software engineers are involved in building the HEED platform” (Yahoo Finance). As their slogan reads, “Pulls. You. In.” HEED is definitely pulling users in as it creates a new NYFW experience (IG News).