Apps apps apps and more apps!

Apps apps apps and more apps…Now more than ever, apps are starting to take over technological life. You can now find an app for almost everything nowadays. Whether it be a shopping, lifestyle, music, photography, games or anything else you can now almost guarantee that there will be an app for that. What are the most popular apps out there these days? “Afterlight” photo editing app is the most popular photography-editing app in the iTunes app store and it does not even cost any money. Another cool app is the Nike running app. This app allows for you to track where and how far you are running. It also tells you how fast you are running and can link to your iTunes account. This allows the app to sync with you music and choose which songs to play depending on the pace you are running at. There is also an app for almost every popular online shipping website. Revolve clothing has a website and an app in the app store that allows you to make it easier to online shop. There are also apps that allow you to make restaurant reservations at any restaurant at any time. This app is called OpenTable. A new app that just came out is called “Soothe” which is an on call massaging company that allows you to order a masseuse at any time during the day. My personal favorite apps would have to be all photography-editing apps because they give you so much creative freedom in editing your photos. Another favorite of mine are the apps that allow you to make appointments on the go, this gets rid of the hassle of having to call or go on a company’s website to get information or make an appointment or reservations if needed.