Apps apps apps and more apps!

Apps apps apps and more apps…Now more than ever, apps are starting to take over technological life. You can now find an app for almost everything nowadays. Whether it be a shopping, lifestyle, music, photography, games or anything else you can now almost guarantee that there will be an app for that. What are the most popular apps out there these days? “Afterlight” photo editing app is the most popular photography-editing app in the iTunes app store and it does not even cost any money. Another cool app is the Nike running app. This app allows for you to track where and how far you are running. It also tells you how fast you are running and can link to your iTunes account. This allows the app to sync with you music and choose which songs to play depending on the pace you are running at. There is also an app for almost every popular online shipping website. Revolve clothing has a website and an app in the app store that allows you to make it easier to online shop. There are also apps that allow you to make restaurant reservations at any restaurant at any time. This app is called OpenTable. A new app that just came out is called “Soothe” which is an on call massaging company that allows you to order a masseuse at any time during the day. My personal favorite apps would have to be all photography-editing apps because they give you so much creative freedom in editing your photos. Another favorite of mine are the apps that allow you to make appointments on the go, this gets rid of the hassle of having to call or go on a company’s website to get information or make an appointment or reservations if needed.

Is Periscope About to Take Over?

Every year it seems that a new app comes out and takes over our social world. Lately, all the new buzz has been about Twitter’s newly released app called Periscope. Is Periscope about to take over next? What is so great about this new app and how can it help us in the social world? Here you can find out all about the new and upcoming app that is about to have a huge impact. Continue reading

Halloween is Just Around the Corner

Its that time of the year again. Yup, that is right; Halloween is just around the corner. The only celebration of the year where it is socially acceptable to eat all the candy you desire in the world in one whole night. Snickers, Kit Kats, Reese’s peanut butter cups and any other candy you can imagine. It is also the only night of the year where you can get spooked by witches, ghosts and scary Halloween haunted houses. It is safe to say that Halloween is probably an all time favorite holiday you can spend with all your friends. What’s the one super stressful part about Halloween you ask? COSTUMES! Yes, whether you are trying to find a group costume, couples costume or going solo, it is always difficult to try to figure out what to be. The Google searches always come out as “best Halloween costumes 2015” or “what should I be for Halloween this year?” Nothing ever helps. No matter how many Instagram feeds you go through and accounts you stalk there will never be the right answer as to what costume to pick for Halloween that year. For this year’s 2015 most popular costumes, everybody seems to believe that the winner is the Joker from The Dark Knight. But what about some outfits for you and your squad. What is a whole, big group of girls suppose to dress up as? Here are a few ideas for you and your squad to dress up as this upcoming Halloween. 1. The emotions from the recent animated movie Inside Out 2. The Judges from The Voice 3. All the new Snapchat filters

While halloween is just right around the corner, it is important you figure out what you and your squad can be for halloween!

4. Pizza rats 5. White Walkers from “Game of Thrones” and 6. Pluto Fly-By. These are just a few simple ideas. Check out more at:

Tacos, Burritos and Cheese….Oh My!

If you haven’t heard by now…then you are missing out. This past Wednesday, October 21st, update IOS 9.1 has updated not only our phones, but our lives!!! Yes that’s right, our lives. What has been the one thing everyone has been waiting for and talking about for the new iPhone updates? Emojis. Wednesdays update includes 150 new emojis including tacos, burritos and cheese emojis! Tacos! Everyone has been waiting for the infamous taco emoji but it was a nice surprise to see a burrito one as well. Several other food emojis have also been added, including cheese, popcorn and a hot dog. This is the first time emojis have added this many emojis in a few years. The last update added different skin tones to each emoji face and person but it was to much disappointment in people that no other emojis were added. Many have expected the much yearned for taco emoji for some time now so now that the day has finally arrived many people are very excited. Another popular addition to the emoji family is the unicorn along with several other animal emojis. They have also added the long awaited for middle finger emoji.

tacos, burritos and cheese are among the many new emojis added to the update

Emojis have helped people communicate over text, snap chat and many other forms of social media. The faces and several other characters are an easy way for people to express emotions and personality over non-verbal and non-face to face interactions. While communication and forming full sentences is becoming more and more important in younger generations, emojis are still a fun and silly way to express feelings…especially with the new middle finger emoji!

To see more updates and a list of all the new emojis, check out this website below and see which emojis are your new favorites!

Why this Photo will Bring You to Tears

How has our society advanced in this past century? If our world looks back 10 years ago, how different was it technologically? Today, technology and digital media have changed drastically from when it began. It has taken over our modern world of communications and media. Technology has advanced in ways that once seemed unimaginable; the iPhone, iPad, Apple watch, Samsung Virtual Reality, to so many more devices. There are also Apps that have grown with these technological advances that have made it nearly impossible to put our electronics down. Our needs and wants for simple things, such as ordering a taxi, have fueled the world of technology into constantly innovating new ideas and creations for a more “efficient” and “productive” society. It is now nearly impossible to see a human without the sight of an iPhone or at least a cell phone attached to their hand. Many people claim that their lives are on their phones or computers and they would lose “everything” if it were to ever crash. Living in the 21st century, kids are now even growing up with the expectations of getting an iPhone at the age of 10 years old. Hearing this and seeing how different our world is from just a mere 10 years ago scares much of the human population now, as our lives depend on the use of technology.

So why this photo will bring you to tears you ask?


Pictured is an elderly lady surrounded by a swarm of younger generations looking at the world through a screen. While these people are so concerned with getting the perfect Instagram photograph, this elderly woman is capturing the moment through her own lenses. It brings us back to a time before our lives were complicated and cluttered with new devices and apps, where the only way to capture a moment was through natural senses and memories. The fact that this picture has become a viral sensation shows that people do think it is important for society to keep these ideals in mind and become more present in the real world.

Check out all the tweets here:

Bloggers Are Taking Over

Fashion, lifestyle and beauty bloggers across the world are changing the way we look at clothes and various lifestyle products. Not only have they changed the way followers look at products but they have also essentially created a new sector of the fashion world. Bloggers are taking over.

Bloggers have been influencing the way the fashion industry conducts business and has taken over the digital component of shopping. How have they done this, some ask? They have taken advantage of the booming business of social media and digital communications, particularly in the business sense. In recent years it is now become possible for bloggers to make commission off purchases that their followers buy through innovative technology companies such as rewardStyle. Their main sources of income comes through their Instagram accounts and their blog websites. How are you supposed to make money off your Instagram and blog websites you ask? As surprising as it may be, these bloggers have hundreds of thousands or even millions of Instagram followers. After becoming a client at rewardStyle, bloggers are set up with an iLiketoKnowit account, which is where all the magic happens. These features allows a follower to receive an email with all the information about what the blogger was wearing or doing after they like it. The email provides the follower with a link on where to buy a similar outfit or sometimes the exact same outfit in the instagram picture – thus allowing the blogger to make money off the purchase by that link.

With tools as iLiketoKnowit. bloggers are taking overThese strategies and tools have now allowed bloggers to become very influential and powerful in the world of fashion. It’s important to realize that this is because of the use of different digital channels that have taken over our social world today.

Top 5 Bloggers everyone should follow today: @galmeetsglam, @somethingnavy, @sincerelyjules, @whoworewhat and @songofstyle


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How to be Safe Anytime, Anywhere: Find your Companion Today!

The Companion app “promises no one will ever walk home alone again.”

Ever felt uneasy or scared walking along in the dark? Back home from the library late at night? Even during the daylight in a sketchy area? Well, there is an app that can now help everyone feel safer wherever they are. The new app Companion, created and designed by five University of Michigan students, provides a simple way for people to feel safe in uncomfortable or potentially dangerous situations.

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Why your Company Needs Social Media TODAY!

What is social media these days? What will it actually do for my business? Here are the reasons why you need to implement in your business Social Media TODAY!

Social media marketing is a relatively new concept in the business world today. As our technology continues to grow, the need for social media and digital communication follows close behind. For some business executives, this concept may be complicated and thought to be unnecessary, but it is shown that the benefits of using social media marketing has profound and positive effects on companies all over the world. Here you will learn the benefits for your company if you implement social media today! Continue reading