Events and Pinterests

Pinterests can be used to help you with many different aspects of planning your event. The website gives you many different event ideas and is organized into different categories. There are so many categories that could help plan a party such as: food and drink, outdoors, gardening, weddings, and even holidays and events, etc. Users also explore these categories to help create their own post, repin, or like which helps pass on the picture or instructions. When items are repined, other people that did not follow the original source are allowed to view it as long as they follow the user that repinned it. Also, many people will view users’ likes that they follow, because those can be the most interesting Pinterests. For first time users to Pinterests, it is more important to look through the categories first and repin items or like items that they find interesting or beneficial for their party. This way, they automatically gain a person to follow, but they can also search for people to follow if they know their friends also have Pinterests. The most important step on the journey to great party planning is hitting all the categories, which will vary depending on what your party is geared towards. For instance, we’re planning a birthday dinner party and want to make it outside. We would start by checking the outdoor category so we can get ideas about how to set up a backyard party area. Then, move on to table setting; the settings on Pinterest are not pinned unless they are fabulous and interesting. Next, start to work on food categories, because Pinterests is known to have some of the fastest and most tasty recipes that get repinned and liked over and over again. So, a Pinterest user is bound to find ideas that they will like. Finally, the fashion category helps the user find the perfect outfit for any occasion.

When I planned an event, I used an outside table setting from an example I found on the website. Additionally, I used a recipe for a cake I found on Pinterest, and I even copied the style of a dress I found in the women’s fashion category and wore one similar! After looking at tons of different settings and food, I narrowed down these searches and even added my own boards. My event turned out to be a great success too! I was very pleased with the ideas that I received from Pinterests and recommend it to anyone who needs ideas for an event they are planning. It is the best research tool, because it is so organized and its uses visuals, which really allow a user to picture, imagine, plan and set forth your best effort and event ever! A blogger from Mazelmoments agrees that Pinterests is the best event-planning tool through their own use of it to plan events. They believe as I do that creating boards helps plan your event. According to them these helpful boards are: “invitations, gowns, flowers, cakes, centerpieces, favors, photo ideas, inner beauty boards, recipes “I Must Try”” (Mazelmoments) to leave your guest really impressed.

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