Here Are The Dos and Don’ts of LinkedIn Networking

Whether you are searching for an internship, job, or business opportunity it is important to make sure your LinkedIn profile is a strong representation of you and your background. LinkedIn is now one of the top social networking platforms in the world. Many people are turning to it for their sole job search platform. In many ways, your LinkedIn profile can make or break you in terms of networking and applying for jobs. There are many dos and don’ts of LinkedIn that will help you create a job-winning profile. 

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The Dos of LinkedIn

Do keep your profile complete and current- It is important that you update your profile with any new opportunities and achievements. These new opportunities will make your profile stronger every time you add one. 

Do treat your profile as a professional brochure- It is important to use appropriate content and professional language that will be impressive to employers. 

Do show interest by crafting a personal message to start a relationship- LinkedIn is all about networking. In order to create a lasting impression, it is important to start each connection with a personal message. 

Do respond promptly- Often the promptness of a response can be more important than the message. Like an email or phone call, make sure to respond in a timely manner to show professionalism and interest. 

The Don’ts of LinkedIn

Don’t connect with random people- Before you make a random connection do some research on the person. Make sure that they are a legitimate connection who would be worth networking with. 

Don’t let your profile sit inactively- Make sure you are posting relevant content that will appeal to your network. Make sure your posts are thoughtful and discussion provoking. 

Don’t send irrelevant messages- Make sure that our messages have a purpose and are posed for a response. People will be more receptive to helping you if they receive the right message. 

Don’t treat LinkedIn as a chore- LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networking sites and treating it as your own personal social media is important. Making a small effort can go a long way.

Don’t wait, the dos and don’ts of LinkedIn are an easy step in your job search. Create your LinkedIn profile here!