The New Snapchat Augmented Reality Feature: Why It Matters

What began as a component that could make a hot dog dance on countertops is now what can make your living room turn to lava. The recently developed Snapchat augmented reality feature uses advanced technology to transform ground surfaces into an element of your choice. Foreshadowing limitless possibilities for advertisers and businessmen alike, the new component has the ability to change human perspective on any physical setting.

How The Snapchat Augmented Reality Feature Works

Referred to as the “Ground Transformation” AR effect, the tool analyzes geometric shapes to help determine ground based objects from their backgrounds. Although the platform’s “Sky Segmentation” is seemingly similar, for it allows the app to analyze and change the appearance of the sky, this distinct tool proves to be much more advanced. The varying hues of the same color in the sky allow the app to some-what easily determine the camera’s area of interest. The “Ground Transformation” feature, however, utilizes machine-based learning never employed before on such a common platform. This Snapchat augmented reality feature has the ability to actually identify physical objects, setting grounds for promotion of all kinds.

So, Why Is This Important for Social Media Users?

In a constant update battle, Snapchat and Instagram seem to always want what the other doesn’t yet have. This Snapchat augmented reality feature, however, seems to put the platform a step or two ahead of its competitor. In the same way Snapchat began using question-asking filters due to their popularity on Instagram, Instagram will likely follow suit in the case of augmented reality. Expanding the opportunities for individuals and businesses, the integration of augmented reality in an every day social media platform is monumental. The Snapchat augmented reality feature has officially put in motion the casual use of tech-generated existence in the real world. It’s inevitable that other communication channels follow their lead. This is the beginning to an even more technologically advanced society, highlighting the fading line between the physical and digital worlds.