Wearable Tech in Walt Disney World: Introducing “MagicBands”

Photo Credit: mousechat.net

Photo Credit: mousechat.net

Walt Disney World is in a testing phase with their latest innovation- MagicBands. WDW hopes to create a more seamless experience for their guests by having a wristband that is an all-in-one feature. From room keys, to theme park tickets, and even reserved fastpass tickets, MagicBands will be a new spin to the old “Key to the World Card.”

According to Disney:

“Your MagicBand enables you to travel lighter throughout your vacation. Use it to enter the parks, unlock your Disney Resort hotel room and buy food and merchandise. Plus, your MagicBand gives you FastPass+ access to all the experiences you’ve selected online, so you can simply concentrate on enjoying the fun with the people you care about.”

The MagicBands work as an RF ID bracelet and is redelivered to your home before your adventure. Disney allows for customization of colors, and has a fluid design that allows the bracelet to fit on almost any wrist. While the MagicBands are still being tested by randomly selected guests staying on property, Disney has already began its transition to the bands. This system required a very large overhaul of the World, from gate entry points to the park, merchandise payment kiosks, and new door swipes, Disney spared no expense in changing over the system. After all, Disney Imagineers pride themselves on consistently creating a new and fun way to enjoy the magic of Walt Disney, the bands if anything, exemplify that need to always be current.

Naturally, the Disney Blogoshpere has also erupted in reviews and opinion pieces from some of WDW’s most devoted. One blog, mouse chat.net, gave this review:

 “The Magic Bands make charging, park admission and definitely Fast Pass access much easier.  Also we are sure more cool features will roll out and be integrated into attractions.  Maybe Cinderella will know your little ones names next time they come to see her.  We would give Magic Bands during testing a B rating, but within 3-6 months this could easily get an A+.”

As MagicBands become more integrated into WDW, it will be exciting to see what the imagineers have in store for this new and innovative technology. Soon perhaps WDW will be the Techiest Place on Earth.

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  1. As I am also a huge Disney fan, this is extremely exciting news for me. Being from Orange County, CA, I have frequented the Disneyland Theme Park in Anaheim, CA one too many times to count. I hope that these new wristbands are functional and that they can come to the original park in Anaheim. I can’t wait to try it when that does happen. Please keep me updated on your experience with these bands!

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