Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has taken over Instagram and Facebook alike. Beautiful models with idealistic body types target millennials with current trends and merchandise to invest in. The influencer marketing strategy is attractive to startup brands because it provides accessible marketing from popular and persuasive accounts. Brands will trade their products and discount codes to an influencer account in exchange for advertising the brand to their followers. The influencer provides an impactful advertising force that brands don’t always have the capacity to create.

How Did Gymshark Gain Exposure?

If you scroll through the Instagram popular page, there is bound to be a fitness model exhibiting a workout trend. The fitness influencer flaunts not only their incredibly ripped body but, the activewear she or he is wearing. Gymshark started in 2012 by Ben Francis and within less than a decade he has turned his online business into a million dollar fitness empire through influencer marketing. The founder of the company discovered influential fitness gurus with a large online presence. Through sponsoring these athletes, his brand was able to gain the trust of millions of followers.

What to Learn from Influencer Marketing

Marketing can be a huge liability for a brand that is still finding a clear image to drive their sales. The influencer provides a middle man for the brand that is still finding a voice. The impact of one influencer can surpass an expensive ad campaign for an unknown brand. The trouble with the popularity of influencer marketing has led to a lack of trust in some brands and their products because of their support in fake accounts. It is important to find real accounts with real followers in order to create a trustworthy voice for your brand. If a brand does not proceed with caution when creating a relationship with an influencer there can be a conflict of interest when it comes to the company’s ideal marketing strategy. Focus on finding an influencer with a large loyal following and values that align with your brand. In doing so, using this influencer marketing strategy will create an unstoppable force for your brand to use!