The Multichannel Social Media Approach

Is it beneficial for brands to have a presence on several social media platforms?

Social networks are continuously being created providing companies with even more ways to connect with their customers. With the rising number in networks, it can be difficult to justify joining yet another one. Nevertheless, it is critical that your company adopts the Multichannel Social Media Approach. This approach helps justify adding another social network to your brand.

This is a picture that illustrates multichannel marketing through multiple channels. Social media, website, email, and paid search are all displayed in the pictured.

The Multichannel Social Media Approach

For starters, your company should at least incorporate some arrangement of the powerhouse social media platforms into its social media efforts. These platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube and Pinterest. Each powerhouse has unique tools to inform and engage an audience. These tools are extremely beneficial when targeting different audiences. In addition to the powerhouse platforms, there are countless other social media platforms worth researching that can add value to your digital efforts.

But rather than focusing on just one platform, companies must continually strive to be active on multiple. With the Multichannel Social Media Approach, your company can:

  1. Analyze the Behavior of Potential Customers
  2. Improve Social Media Reach
  3. Strengthen Data Analytics

Below are supporting facts detailing why your company should adopt this approach.

Analyze the Behavior of Potential Customers

Your company needs to be everywhere your customers are in the digital world. By adopting this approach, your company is able to gain more insight about customer behavior. Understanding just how your brand’s messaging is resonating with your audience aids in your ability to attract more customers in the future. More customers will also increase profitability.

Improve Social Media Reach

You must remember that each network has different strengths. As a PR professional, it is your job to craft messages that coincide with these strengths. By rejecting certain social media platforms, you could be limiting your communication efforts. In other words, you may fall short of effectively spreading your message.

Strengthen Data Analytics

Who doesn’t want more data? Analyzing data can give your company a competitive advantage. By having information from different social media channels to analyze, your company is able to strengthen its future predictions and trends. Gaining actionable insight through data is a powerful asset in today’s work.

This picture showcases social media networks and how data analytics gives you the advantage.

Ultimately, the Multichannel Social Media Approach maximizes your companies opportunity to interact with prospective customers. Spreading your message across multiple social platforms is the ideal approach to foster opportunities to reach more people. Your audience is able to engage with you, and your company is able to gain remarkable insight that can launch them in a positive direction. Continue to justify all your company’s social media platforms in your next office meeting by explaining just how beneficial yet another platform could be to the profitability of the company.