Now Introducing Checkout on Instagram

Instagram checkout is finally here. Third parties, such as rewardStyle, have linked Instagram with shopping for years. But, now the app has launched its own checkout platform that can all be done with the click of a button.

What is it?

Checkout on Instagram allows users to buy items they love from their favorite brands. While flipping through their feed, users will be able to buy items directly on Instagram without ever having to leave the app. Twenty-three different brands will be involved in the launch of checkout. These include Adidas, H&M, Kylie Cosmetics, Revolve and various others.

How does it work?

When tapping an item on a brand’s shopping post, a button in the corner will read “Check out on Instagram.” Tap this button to view the various colors and sizes the product comes in. Once adding the item to your cart, Instagram will direct you to a secure checkout page without leaving the app. This payment page includes name, email, billing address and shipping address for your first time. Instagram has promised its users that this payment page is entirely confidential and that all information will remain safe. Once the order is complete, updates on your order status, shipment and delivery will come from Instagram. This allows all your personal information to remain in one place and all notifications to be kept organized.

Instagram checkout shown on an iPhone

How will this affect other Instagram shopping platforms?

Only time will tell. RewardStyle came about to monetize being an influencer. From there, the company launched LiketoKnow.It to create an easier platform for buying items directly from your favorite influencer. Other third party shopping stages include ShopStyle. These companies pride themselves off creating lasting relationships between influencers and brands. But, with the convenience of never having to leave Instagram, it is unsure how they will hold up against Instagram checkout. They may hold up when it comes to creating brand partnerships. But, when it comes to shopping off Instagram, we’ll have to wait and see.