Facebook Announces Facebook Home

Yesterday Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and CEO of Facebook, revealed Facebook Home.

What is Facebook Home?

Facebook Home is essentially meant to turn Android phones into Facebook Phones. Facebook Home loads when your phone turns on and replaces your home screen with the Facebook timeline. “Cover Feed” lets you scroll through updates, while “chat heads” is a messaging widget that lets you chat with others while using other apps.

Facebook Home

Facebook Home

The first phone with this package will be sold with AT&T service on April 12, 2013. HTC and Samsung Android users will also be able to download the software on the same day.

I personally don’t see the appeal of Facebook Home. They claim that it will motivate users to message and “like” photos more but Facebook is essentially only used to keep track of people’s birthdays and is slowly dying out. If there were a Twitter Home or Instagram Home I think it would be far more popular and more people would buy the phone or download the software.

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