A Whirlwind: My College Memories

SMU College Memories

These four years at SMU have been a whirlwind.  I had no idea when I first stepped foot on this campus that it would not only become home, but that it would also become a place of great friendship  and countless college memories.  My first two years at SMU were hard.  I didn’t like it here.  I didn’t want to partake in most of the events that many students were enjoying.  I thrive on being outside and going on adventures, and it seemed that students at SMU thrived on drinking, eating, and hanging out.

Even though I had some great experiences in those two years like going to Haiti, exploring the campus, spending time with great people, and learning a lot academically; I wasn’t seeing SMU properly.  It’s a great school with tons of amazing and driven people.  I was missing what SMU is all about.  My perspective shifted my Junior year when I started to meet, get closer to, and make college memories with some of my best friends.  These girls, although totally different than me, love and serve God like me.  They senior friendsencourage me constantly, care about me deeply, and know my heart well.  It has been a blast getting to know them and serving alongside them the past two years.  Whether it was making another trip to Haiti, road-tripping, pursuing to serve and disciple other women alongside them, venturing to new restaurants and fun Dallas sites, or just doing homework together; these friends, alongside my experience working with SMU Outdoor Adventures and Climbing Wall, have shifted my perspective at SMU.

Through those experiences and from interactions with SMU employees and student volunteers, I have come to see SMU more clearly.  While SMU is full of struggling people trying to find their way, it is a campus with a heart for students to succeed.  While the definition of success is different for every student, students here are valued and have the opportunity to be cheered on by the students, faculty, and staff around them if they will only take the leap of faith and step out of their comfort zone.

I always knew that God had put me on this campus for a reason: to love and serve those he placed around me.  But, I could never have imagined the confidence and excitement I feel when looking back at all my college memories: the good, the bad, and the ugly.  God has not only provided growth in these four years (sadly, I have not actually gotten any taller), but he has constantly been faithful.  I could go on for hours about what I have learned, but I will sign-off with this: my God is big.  He can move mountains, change hearts, and raise the dead.  I have seen that in the past few years.  I have seen my heavenly father be constant amidst the chaos of my college years, changing my heart, moving my mountains, and raising my dead soul back to life.