Increase Productivity with Cloud Natural Language

Smarter is simpler with new Google features using Cloud Natural Language technology. The technology can improve your productivity in the workplace. The natural language processing (NLP) technology focuses on and improves human-computer interactions. Google Cloud Platform is a cloud computing platform that offers advanced services beyond Google Search, such as G Suite tools. The new features can benefit how businesses manage responsibilities and relationships.

Cloud Natural Language Combines Simpler with Smarter

Cloud Natural Language Search in Google Cloud SearchGoogle Search is smart enough to show results when you search topics and queries using your natural words, so what about in the Cloud? In early 2017, Google launched Google Cloud Search, which is like Google Search but for G Suite users. NLP will simplify how you find a google doc, company file, presentation, meeting details, or a company contact. Trying to figure out the name of a file or who sent you an inquiry can waste valuable time. Now you can search or ask questions in Cloud Search with everyday language to access content quickly in the workplace. Cloud Search will provide results that are related to your natural language searches, including recommendations for related content. With the improved Cloud Natural Language technology in Google Cloud Search, optimize the power of searching within your organization’s G Suite content.

Brand New Features Improve Business Strategies  

Google just launched content classification and entity sentiment analysis components within the Cloud. With big brands and media companies in mind, the new Google Cloud features can be beneficial in terms of your company-consumer relationship. Through Cloud Natural Language, the content classification component can automatically categorize articles and media posts into over 700 different categories. This feature can be useful for companies who push out a lot of content because the categories can show how people are referencing your company. Additionally, this feature can be valuable for following trends relevant to deciding what your company should focus on.  

Sentiment analysis focuses on a piece of text and whether it’s positive or negative. However, Google didn’t think that was good enough. The entity sentiment analysis features the combination of an entity analysis and sentiment analysis to provide precise interpretations about a place or product. This feature uses Cloud Natural Language to analyze beyond the overall sentiment of a body of text or sentence. It will allow your company to analyze attitudes toward a specific product or reputation. Rather than looking at the sentiment of a larger picture, your company can use this feature to insightfully gain specific feedback from consumers. This level of analysis can help you efficiently improve products while managing consumer relationships.


Google just made searching, organizing, and analyzing information smarter for your business.