The Uber Tip Feature and the Company’s 180 Days of Change

uber tip featureUber has recently added a tip feature to the application. Once users download the updated version, they are then asked whether or not they would like to add a tip at the end of their trip. The new Uber tip feature is just one of the many major changes that the company has implemented since the resignation of the old CEO Travis Kalanick.

In previous years, the company has always thought of the Uber tip feature with disregard. 

Uber intends for the ride experience to be seemingly “cashless” in the moment. Adding the tip feature at the end of the ride has the potential to guilt-trip users to pay even more. Inititally, Uber stressed the idea that they want people to know the exact amount that they are paying without the uncertainty of tipping. However, because of Uber’s highly publicized scandals (referring to the previous CEO berating drivers and numerous sexual harassment allegations) they were forced to rethink their values. With the hiring of their new CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, Uber attempts to implement change in the company and restore its reputation. In light of the scandals and new management, Uber strives to rebrand themselves and once again become the one of the most trusted car services internationally.


The New Uber tip feature is just one factor of the new  “180 days of change” campaign. 

This campaign is something that Uber is implementing because they want to give their consumers the driving experience that they deserve. When the campaign launched in June, Uber wrote, “we’ll be making meaningful changes and improvements to your driving experience. Some changes will be big, some will be small–all will be the changes you’ve asked for.” The Uber tip feature is only one of the eight new features that they expect to either add or improve over the course of the six month campaign.