Bumble Bizz: The New Tool for Professional Networking

Bumbles new feature, Bumble Bizz is the new tool for professional networking. The tool sticks to the original style of online dating format. Instead of featuring potential love matches the app connects you to professional contacts. Swipe right for those who you want in your network, and if they swipe right on you too, you match.

Use Bumble Bizz for professional networking and expanding your ‘Hive’

The new tool for professional networking is reminiscent of LinkedIn but makes it a contemporary and casual way of connecting by using the swiping feature. If you both swiped right on each other, you are immediately connected and added to the others ‘hive.’ In Bumbles signature style, once matched, ¬†women can only make the first move. The company hopes this feature empowers women to make bold networking moves that they otherwise might hesitate to make on other platforms.

An example of a profile for the new tool for professional networkingInstead of adding various photos to yourself, your profile features a simple headshop and pictures of past work. The profile itself has a section for a short description, a list of work experiences and current employment and a section to list skills. The app for professional networking gives users a chance to expand their network and find mentors.

The difference from LinkedIn, other than the user experience is the goal. Users on LinkedIn use the platform for recruiting and career searching. In contrast, Bumble Bizz users will use the app purely for introductions and mentorships.

If you are not already doing everything you can to network you need to start. In a world where ‘it’s not what you know, its who you know’ networking far and wide can only further you in your career. Knowing people in your field and others can help you in ways that may not even be evident at first. Downloading Bumble Bizz is an excellent place to start.