Microsoft Office For Free on Mobile Devices

A new CEO at Microsoft makes for a very big year. In turn, Microsoft Office is now being offered for free on all iOS and Android mobile devices. Imaging the possibilities with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. on a cell phone. For Free.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is transforming the company into its “mobile-friendly” era. In some sense Microsoft appeared to be outdated in this category and Nadella is ready to lead the company into its mobile revolution. Many believe Microsoft was losing its “cool factor” because its mobile platform was almost nonexistent. As CEO, Nadella’s motto is “mobile first, cloud first.” He intends to put Microsoft on any device customers are using and make it easy for users to use it on any platform on any device.

This move is huge considering Microsoft Office is the company’s leading asset as it is demanded by almost every consumer. However in a society of such technological innovation, Nadella and other believe it is crucial to keep consumers devoted to Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

While under Steve Ballmer, Microsoft was lingering by barely introducing mobile options. Until June 2013, Microsoft had not released an Office suite for iPhone. Considering the first iPhone was released in 2007, this is far too delayed. What company maintains its relevance if its not negotiable with the iPhone? Office for iPad did not launch until March 2014. It hasn’t even been a year! Serving as CEO for Microsoft for 13 years, Ballmer received harsh criticism about his inability to “predict” or “embrace” a “mobile-heavy computing world.”

Before the announcement that Microsoft Office was going to be available for free, all iPad and iPhone versions of it required an Office 365 subscription. Currently in its “preview” mode, the Office for Android requires registration. Here’s to finally embracing the mobile era.