Networking on Instagram Through Direct Message

Networking on InstagramNetworking on Instagram possesses a wealth of opportunity and is a growing social media strategy for companies, brands, and users to utilize. Instagram’s direct message feature emerged as the single biggest business development opportunity of this decade. With that said, Instagram remains one of the most under-utilized recourses where you can connect with anyone. Whether you are trying to reach a social media influencer or a company you want a job at, the possibilities are endless if done so strategically.

Searching Instagram using hashtags, locations, and user profiles is the most effective way to find what you are looking for.

While sites like LinkedIn specialize in networking and business connections, networking on Instagram provides a unique opportunity. With the wealth of business opportunities that exist on Instagram, using the app to connect with influencers seems obvious. Users can use Instagram to sell just about anything successfully. However, beyond influencers, networking on Instagram for other purposes proves to be just as successful. In order to fully take advantage of this opportunity, users must adapt traditional business etiquette to a nontraditional medium. This includes thoroughly auditing the Instagram profile in consideration. Users should also consider what kind of relationship they are looking to form.

Making a message stand out requires the user to immediately offer something of value. This ensures the message is passed along to someone who has the power to do something about it. Providing a link to an online resume or portfolio gives prospective employers an avenue for response. If inquiring about a business opportunity, drafting a valuable yet concise message maximizes chances of receiving a response. Revealing motives, as well as end goals, accompanied by contact information, is the best way to network on Instagram in a professional manner. By following these tips, users can take full advantage of the networking opportunities Instagram offers.