iPhone Software Glitch frustrating Apple Users All Over the World

iPhone software glitchOver the last month, Apple iPhone users have noticed a strange bug when they type the letter “i” on any application. The iPhone software glitch sends a number of symbols instead of the simple letter “i,” making it hard to interpret messages. This glitch has been frustrating users all over the world. Consumers are desperately waiting for Apple to address the issue. Continue reading

Influencer Marketing on Social Media is a Cash Cow

Influencer marketing on social media is one of the most effective ways for brands to grow. Not only has influencer marketing changed the way companies advertise, it’s also creating a new profession revolving around social media. These influencers make a living posting sponsored content for cash. Many social media influencers make thousands of dollars posting content. The type of content ranges from advocating for a brand as a whole to reviewing a specific product. The large price tag on these posts proves worthwhile for many brands because they are paying for that influencers credibility as well as their following. For the first time, companies can reach millions through sponsored posts and statistics show this method to be more effective than any traditional advertising.

Influencer marketing on social media became is the practice of building relationships with people who can build relationships for you

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Snapchat Stock Plummets in Q3

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Snapchat’s stock plummets amidst a thriving market (Nasdaq is up nearly 30% in the last year). The social application reported a loss in the third quarter of 2017. This isn’t a surprise too anyone that’s been following Snap since their initial public offering in February 2017. After opening strongly then trading up to just over $29/share in March, Snap has struggled in the following months. The financial issues could stem from anything. Whether it be a failing revenue model or lack of proper leadership, something is up at Snap, Inc. If you don’t believe me check this out. Continue reading

The Growing Trend of Social Media Polls

Recently, we are seeing social media polls becoming a growing trend on various channels. The newer poll features we have seen have been on Instagram and Facebook. In October, Instagram added a polling sticker feature for stories. In November, Facebook added GIF-supported polls. Additionally, there are polling features on Snapchat and Twitter. These polls are becoming beneficial for brands to engage followers in a simple, creative way. Continue reading

Yondr Case Challenges Phone-Addicts To Go Cellphone-Free

There are few things that are more frustrating than sitting at a movie while someone in the theater continues to use their phone. There are lots of places, like movie theaters, that society tells us phones are off-limits: churches, classrooms, important meetings. But this doesn’t help fight off the urge to check your phone under your desk. What if a special type of phone case could solve this problem? The Yondr phone case challenges phone-addicts by preventing the use of cell phones. 

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What you Need to Know about the Instagram Post Algorithm

If you haven’t already noticed, your Instagram timeline doesn’t work the way it used to. Up until the introduction of the new Instagram post algorithm, you saw posts in order of when they were uploaded, with the most recent at the top. Now they are in a seemingly random order where a post from eight hours ago may show at the top and one posted 20 minutes ago might show a few scrolls down. This algorithm concerns social media marketers, bloggers, and those who rely on Instagram for business alike.  Continue reading

Twitter Launched Promoted Tweets with Promote Mode

Many businesses profit from advertisements on social media platforms. Almost all social media ads are specially tailored to each user. Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram frequently post and publish paid ads in order to generate revenue. A new name officially deserves to be added to that list.Twitter launched promoted tweets today for public beta in the US and the UK. The monthly subscription fee is the only caveat. Continue reading

Twitter rolls out a New Character Limit

New Character LimitTwitter releases a new character limit that allows users to type up to 240 characters per tweet. Twitter is an online news and social networking channel where users “tweet.” Users “tweet” through a message with 140-characters or less. Since the message is limited, many refer to Twitter as microblogging. Users share anything on their mind with followers. Users can tag other users on Twitter to ask a question or share a thought.  Continue reading

The NFL Will Be Dishing Out Six Second Ads for Thanksgiving Dinner.

six-second adsThanksgiving Day is for family, food, and football. Every year millions of fans tune into Fox Sports to watch football during Thanksgiving festivities. This year, however, fans will see a new type of commercial: six-second ads. Six-second ads will take over the TV screen while the game moves to a small screen on the side. This way viewers will still be able to watch the game as they also view advertisements. Continue reading

Zuckerberg Handling Controversy With Confidence

Zuckerberg handling controversy with confidence as consumer confidence in Facebook soars. Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, said in a recent article that business was doing well. Their market price is at an all-time high. He did stress the importance of security moving forward, “We’re serious about preventing abuse on our platforms. We’re investing so much in security that it will impact our profitability. Protecting our community is more important than maximizing our profits.”  Mark Zuckerberg is handling the controversy surrounding Russian election interference with confidence. This confidence resonates throughout his company. The vetted CEO has driven Facebook to the top of the tech industry alongside Apple and Amazon. Even amidst the controversy confidence and trust in his company have never been higher. Continue reading

Snapchat’s Context Cards Puts Information About Location at Your Fingertips

Snapchat's context cardsSnapchat’s context cards are the newest addition to the apps suite of in-app tools. The new feature integrates Foursquare, TripAdvisor, Uber, and Lyft, among others. This collaboration gives users more information about Snapchat’s based on their location. Snapchat’s context cards act as packets of information on the location of where a user takes a snap. The cards pull data from various partner companies to give users as much information as possible based on their location. Therefore, when a user takes a snap at a particular location, they can open a card by swiping up. Continue reading

How Social Media Honors the Houston Astros in the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

Aftermath of Hurricane HarveyThis baseball season continues to be full of surprises as the Houston Astros find themselves in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Four years ago they were the worst team in the majors. Two months ago their city was devastated by the effects of the costliest hurricane on record. But tonight, they find themselves in game seven of the World Series. The curve balls keep coming for Houston-no pun intended. What has been one dominant force throughout all of theses events, you ask? Social media. Especially in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.  Continue reading

Political Involvement Creates Digital Distrust

Just Google it. No one really questions Google’s answers. Today, 62% of US adults get their news from social media. Why shouldn’t they when Facebook and Twitter promote the freedom of expression and the spread of information? There was no real reason to question the validity and ethics of Google, Facebook or Twitter until now. Political Involvement Creates Digital DistrustThe 2016 presidential election proves that political involvement creates digital distrust. The recent allegations against these large tech companies will only generate more skepticism as the investigations continue. Continue reading