Pinterest: Not Just A Girl’s Best Friend

You think Pinterest and you immediately roll your eyes because, no, you do not have your entire wedding planned already, right? Wrong. Pinterest is here to help your business grow and connect.

Pinterest for traveling

Photo Courtesy of Social Media Training Blog

Pinterest is your way into the minds of your clientele. Imagine Pinterest as a life-hack to the human brain; you have something (a brain, the Internet) that is constantly evolving by producing all types of new material. But how in the world do you even begin to organize all of this? Pinterest. Jury’s out on the brain thing, but for all things Internet, Pinterest is your answer. Get yourself organized, throw a few pins on your “Yummies” board, save the Favor guy a trip or five, and your wallet, too.

Once you’ve begun to conquer your own Pinterest – don’t lie, you’ve already locked down details for your destination wedding to the fiancé you definitely do not have – take your skills corporate. Introduce Pinterest to your creative team at work, and life will magically get easier for everyone.

Evan Sharp, co-founder of Pinterest, explains: “Today, I define it as a place where people can go to get ideas for any project or interest in their life. And as you encounter great ideas and discover new things that you didn’t even know were out there, you can pin them and make them part of your life through our system of boards.” Find out more about his 750 million boards here.

A list of a few things that Pinterest can do for your business:

  • If you’re a creative type, you can make a board highlighting your creations by posting photos that will link directly to your Etsy shop. For example: You make this. Calligraphy art linked to artist's Etsy shop for Pinterest: A Business' Best FriendYou post it on Etsy, hoping someone will happen upon it. Probably not, so you wise up and you post it on your Pinterest. It links directly to your Etsy shop. Some poor girl is scrolling through her Pinterest, listening to Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes and boom, you’ve just made a sale.





  • Create a place for collaboration. Pinterest has a feature where you can make a board  that is completely collaborative, as in, a team can start a board, say it’s called “Necessary Reading”, and on this board, each member of the team can individually add whatever they believe necessary, and so on. You may wonder why this is any different from sending out a mass email asking for a list of titles, but it is entirely unique. It creates a digital platform that each person can experience first hand, on their own time, in a visual way and in a way that is able to directly link them to the viewing of this online article, book, etc.
  • Let’s say that you run a fancy travel agency – you do it all: plan, blog, discover, blog more. How do you get the word out there? Pinterest. Not only can you create a board that has a comprehensive picture layout of each place you’ve blogged about, but you can link those photos directly to your blog post. A pinner scrolls along, sees a stunning photo of an idyllic beach in Seychelles, and clicks to enlarge it. Next thing she knows she is 17 weeks deep, reading about all of your travels and drafting an email to you asking to transport her directly there, with one click, please. To do you one better, there is a “Map” feature. So, each hotel that you have sent your past clients to is completely clickable – visible immediately, as is the corresponding blog post, sample itinerary, and your contact information. You can thank Pinterest for the client who is currently en route to Malaysia. Comprehensive Map Feature on Pinterest

Though Pinterest may not be the immediate go-to for businesses looking to expand their social media presence, it ought to be. For creatives especially, Pinterest is the answer to all of your organizational business needs.