Social Media Listening: Fast, Easy, Efficient

Recently the CEOs of large corporations including Airbnb, Tesla, Square and Twitter have begun asking for feedback from their customers on a new social media platform: Twitter. Although companies have been utilizing Twitter as a means of communicating with their clients, it hasn’t been until recently that CEOs themselves have utilized the site. Through Twitter, CEOs were able to directly ask their clients what their company, product or service was missing.

Within hours, the CEOs received thousands of responses from their customers providing feedback and requests. Although social media listening can sometimes be complicated since the sites can produce responses at such high volume, the CEOs were able to see what the majority of clients felt they needed. The companies were able to spot trends and prioritize what actions needed to be taken to pacify the majority of their clients. Tesla CEO Elon Musk not only responded to one of his client’s feedback on Twitter, within six days of the tweet Musk adopted a company policy to recognize and rectify the problem as seen by the client. CEOs are beginning to recognize that social media sites are not only ways to maintain reputation and brand popularity. Through social media listening, CEOs have found new ways to collect data. This data is used to continuously better their companies. Conducting market research used to be a long and tasking process, but thanks to social media sites such as twitter, data can be collected through social media listening. This allows action to be taken by the company almost instantaneously.