Now Trending: Student Body Interaction

Within the past couple of years, college campuses across the nation have begun to recognize the importance of student reactions over social media platforms.  Online interaction between school organizations and their respective student bodies is crucial to receiving feedback about campus alerts and important social issues.

Southern Methodist University has recently increased their Twitter and Facebook usage in order to open up more channels of communication for students to share their opinions about controversial events on campus.  One organization in particular, the student-run Daily Campus editorial, has actively sought to engage students through trending topics on Twitter.

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By actively reaching out to the large community of students who follow or like different SMU Twitter and Facebook accounts, student body organizations are hoping to boost the amount students communicate with one another.  This encouragement could potentially lead students to become more likely to step up for their peers and feel more comfortable interacting with one another.

Controversial topics should always be addressed when they arise over social media channels, but it is also important to encourage respectful online interaction amongst peers when these situations occur.  Southern Methodist University is showing concern for the safety and wellness of it’s students, and they have figured out that the best way to get the student body’s attention and relate to their needs is through the use of social media.