Creating Engaging Content Through Instagram Stories

Eager to post a Instagram Story? Read below to gain a comprehensive understanding of the social media platform’s most popular feature!

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According to Social Media Today, 400 million daily users interact with Instagram’s Story feature. Due to this feature’s high popularity, the story-sharing platform is expected to surpass the traditional News Feed before the end of 2019. Even though Instagram Stories are unfamiliar territory to some, brands and individuals must learn how to properly master the feature.

Before becoming proficient, an individual must have a complete understanding of what an Instagram Story is. Instagram Stories allow users to share a variety of content, photos and videos for 24 hours. Once the 24-hour time period surpasses content will disappear, unless the page utilizes the Highlight feature. Within Highlights, old Instagram Stories can be reviewed, even after the 24-hour time frame. For more information on Highlights, click here.

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Within the world of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencers, Highlights allow content to be organized, consistent, and engaging.

Besides Highlights, brands and individuals are able to utilize alternative features to create engaging content. If you are eager to boost your social media platforms, follow these tips!

The Swipe-Up Feature: For pages with more than 10,000 followers, the swipe-up feature is available. When viewing your story, followers can immediately swipe-up and become directed to a link. For pages eager to sell product or increase web page visits, the swipe-up feature becomes the perfect solution.

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The swipe-up feature in action to provide product sales.

Mentions: Just like tagging an individual or brand in an Instagram post, the same can be accomplished in a Story. While this is a simple tactic, it allows for engagement amongst individuals and brands. By mentioning a popular brand, one’s Story could potentially be reposted, therefore, generating more views and activity.

Gaining Feedback: Eager to gain your followers’ opinions? Instagram Stories allow for polls, swipe meters, and question stickers. By being able to customize questions and answers, brands gain an insightful view of their follower’s opinions. While not only are these feedback features helpful, they add an aesthetic element to Stories.

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Instagram Stories allow for engagement, through the use of polls.

Still eager to learn more? Check out this link to further your Instagram Story knowledge.