Pinterest’s Partnership With Target Creates New Shopping Experience


To many, it may seem that Pinterest is becoming less and less relevant in the social media world. On Monday, however, Pinterest announced its partnership with Target that will bring new capabilities to users and shoppers alike. Pinterest’s partnership with Target will change the way shoppers use social media to find products they like. 

Pinterest app guides users to relevant target products

According to the article in the Wall Street Journal, Pinterest’s partnership with Target creates a new tool for customers. This new tool will allow shoppers to take photos on the Target app. The system will then place these photos into an image-search platform that will search through Target’s product lines. Using Pinterest’s Lens technology, it will find similar products that the user might like. The application will then suggest products that are similar to those that the user posted and, hopefully, lead to product purchase. 

For example, imagine you are at a friend’s house and you love a piece of artwork on their wall. With this new capability, you can snap a picture of the artwork on the Target app and upload it. The app will then find other wall art or decor that is similar from Target’s lines and create suggestions specifically for you.Pinterest's partnership with Target changes advertising.

While the financials have not yet been reported to the public, investors have shown their enthusiasm about this new update. This will allow Pinterest to take on Advertising powerhouses like Google Inc. and Facebook Inc. Image-search technology seems to be the way of the future for advertising, and while some tech companies have broken into the market, no one has shown incredible success yet. 

Target has shown great success with its app and Cartwheel. In August, Cartwheel was downloaded over 300,000 times. There will certainly be struggles along the way, however, Pinterest’s partnership with Target gives both companies high hopes. The plan is to begin by adding it to the gift registry then to the app by the holiday season.