Long Live the Millennial Blogs

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In recent years as blogging has transformed from an extracurricular into a business platform, a divide between mediocre and exceptional blogs has emerged. Blogging has been experimented with and manipulated by across all generations, but none garner as much attention as the millennial blogs.

Now that blogs utilized as tools for news, fashion, food, gossip, sports and more, they account for several of the most frequently visited sites. In fact, some websites are disguised to run more like blogs than traditional websites.


            Here is a rundown of the most popular blogs amongst the millennial generation:


1.)  Bro Bible and Betches Love This: Tailored specifically for males and females ages 18-30, these two blogs rank high in the humor category. In addition to an endless amount of articles bashing the opposite sex, each covers a variety of politically and socially relevant topics. Blogs such as these are not designed to keep its readers well informed, rather humorously entertain and satirize anything newsworthy.


2.)  Elite Daily: Coined as “the voice of generation-y”, Elite Daily is an SMU student and alumni favorite. Do not be confused by the name “Elite Daily”, it is merely targeted to provide stimulating, applicable content to a like-minded audience. Filled with thought provoking and intriguing articles about every aspect of life, Elite Daily fulfills its promise to encourage readers to live out every moment of life to its fullest.


3.)  Total Frat Move and Post Grad Problems: Brought to you by the same creators, these two blogs remind readers to embrace college life while you’re in school and try not to nose dive into depression post graduation.  Through great story telling and relatable material, these writers know their audience and know how to force a laugh out of any reader. In addition to their website content, the blog also opened an online store to provide “frattire” to frat stars and party animals alike.


4.)  BuzzFeed: BuzzFeed is a blog aimed at detecting online trends and delivering these trends through high-quality original reporting. With over 80 million viewers monthly, BuzzFeed is popular amongst more than the millennial generation.  BuzzFeed’s original content spans more than just news, sports, society and politics; it reaches out to all audiences and provides a new insight the hottest content of the moment. This website is more than just a trend, it is a movement that has inspired online users to think creatively and see the world in a different perspective, one BuzzFeed article at a time.

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