Influencer Marketing on Social Media is a Cash Cow

Influencer marketing on social media is one of the most effective ways for brands to grow. Not only has influencer marketing changed the way companies advertise, it’s also creating a new profession revolving around social media. These influencers make a living posting sponsored content for cash. Many social media influencers make thousands of dollars posting content. The type of content ranges from advocating for a brand as a whole to reviewing a specific product. The large price tag on these posts proves worthwhile for many brands because they are paying for that influencers credibility as well as their following. For the first time, companies can reach millions through sponsored posts and statistics show this method to be more effective than any traditional advertising.

Influencer marketing on social media became is the practice of building relationships with people who can build relationships for you

While social media influencers exist on Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, the most popular channel for sponsored posting is Instagram. Influencer marketing on social media is best exemplified on Instagram because the feed consists only of pictures. By simply taking a picture of a product, an influencer’s send product sales through the roof in minutes. Compared to traditional advertising and owned media, influencer marketing on social media gives companies the unique ability to re-brand using an existing image. Let’s say a company wants to change the way they are viewed by their stakeholders. Choosing an influencer who represents their desired image is an option that guarantees these results.

Even boutiques and small brands will spend a few bucks on influencer marketing on social media. Why? Because in return they are getting targeted exposure to the right kind of consumer. From A-list celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner to niche thought leaders, an influencer exists for every brand. The popularity of this strategic marketing method rises daily due to advertising obstacles such as ad blockers that most users employ on their devices. Features such as ad blockers only give brands more reason to spend money on influencer marketing.