Microsoft’s Xbox One

For all you nerds out there consumed with your digital reality more than your actual reality, you already know that Microsoft’s Xbox One was released today but for the rest of us that live in the analog world another gaming console or really a multimedia console. Microsoft actually got something right for once, in creating a console that also connects to more than just Halo and Just Dance 4.

Selling at nearly $500.00 the Xbox One should find itself at the top of many’s gift list this holiday season. Microsoft’s Xbox One

The Xbox One has come along way from the XBOX 360 released nearly 8 years ago, as the all-in-one entertainment system. This goes way beyond the regular gaming system and is for just about everyone; as seen in many of their advertisements–with both women and men of all ages interacting with the device. The Xbox one is said to connect with Netflix and Hulu as well as Youtube and continues to play DVDs and Blue Ray. It’s for both families and college students and truly encompasses the direction we are moving in. We want the technology that we use around us to be more than what they were originally destined to be. We need our phones to not only call but to tell us the directions to the nearest Whataburger. We need our watches to not just tell us the time but give us the weather and check our email. Microsoft realized this and created the Xbox One encompassing just that same idea. It is a unique device that still has the same wonders of the Xbox Kinect interactivity and the simple qualities of a gaming console but with the added benefits of needing it to connect with live TV and so forth.

As we continue to see the development in technology it is important to also remember how far we’ve come and how we can create and innovate things that not only make our life simpler but make it wonderful!

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  1. It actually connects to all sort of media including one’s cable box. They still need to implement accessing one’s shows in the DVR. Interesting and very different strategy than Sony’s Playstation 4. I wonder what Nintendo plans for the next version of WII, not updated since 2012 I believe.

    More fitness games (with diversified music playlists e.g. linked to Spotify or other stream services) might be a good seller.

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