Statigram Yields More Double Taps

StatigramStatigram optimizes Instagram use by analyzing posts, interactions, and trends. 

Instagram may be one of the newest, most popular social media apps, but it’s proving to be one of the most profitable for businesses, especially fashion. Businesses post Instagram allows users to scroll through photos and either double tap to like it, or simply continue moving on. There are countless programs that analyze websites, Twitter accounts, and Facebook pages, but Statigram is a revolutionary tool for any Instagramers.

Above is an example of a portion of the information Statigram provides for users.

Above is an example of a portion of the information Statigram provides for users.

Statigram produces in-depth results that reflect a wide array of information. What is the best time to post? What followers like and interact the most? What followers have you gained or lost this month? What is the most liked photo? How much interaction do you have? What are the most popular hastags? What hashtags do you use? What filters do you use the most? What filters get the most likes? What day of the week is best to post? What are other Instagramers posting? What are the most popular posts on Instagram? What are followers posting right now?

Businesses must be relevant, up-to-date on the latest everything, and relate-able.  In order to be relevant and to stand out among the billions of other companies, an business must intercept the daily routine of the consumer. In this case, this means it needs to pop up on a consumer’s Instagram feed. It is so easy to double tap the screen of an iPhone, but it can be difficult gaining that opportunity. But that’s why Statigram is invaluable. It can tell you the precise hashtags, filters, content, and time to post. Maximizing the use of an account seems obvious, but using a tool that summarizes all of the data for a company and presents it in a visually comprehensive and appealing way inspires users to increase and optimize their online presence.

Make the most out of your Instagram and use Statigram. It’s free, thorough, and provides the most useful information for businesses to make the most out of their accounts. Up the ante, and see how many more double taps you receive.