Facebook Restricts Guns?

Facebook Restricts Gun Promotion

Is Facebook the Next Major Arms Dealer?

Firearms attempting to be sold on Facebook

Firearms attempting to be sold on Facebook

When people post about a gun for sale, Facebook will now regulate who sees the post. They will now make sure that only people above the age of 18 may see it. Additionally they will not be allowed to offer to sell items that can be used to evade or help others evade the law.

For example, private sellers of firearms in the U.S. will not be permitted to specify “no background check required, nor can they offer to transact across state lines without a licensed firearms dealer.

Different pages such as “Guns For Sale” will now be limited to users that are 18 and older. This is their attempt to monitor and limit posts and pages illegal gun sales.

WSJ- Under Pressure, Facebook Restricts Gun Promotion

New York Attorney Generals Office said”The Biggest step ever for social media to limit gun sales.”

The Movement:

“American moms are gratified that Facebook and Instagram have agreed to take meaningful steps to prevent illegal gun sales to children and dangerous people on its platforms,” Said Shannin Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

Moms Protesting in Favor Of Gun Control

Moms Protesting in Favor Of Gun Control

Mothers and anti-gun supporters are teaming up in order to create a safer and more controlled social media platform in the U.S. They are happy the companies are listening to the mothers and believe these new changes are major steps toward making rue people who buy or sell guns on their platforms know the law, and follow the law.

Here is the Facebook Press Release.