GIVTED: The next generation of gift giving

The holidays are quickly approaching and you’re at a loss of what to buy. Faces of disappointment and discarded gifts from years past flash thorough your mind. Not this year though, say hello to your new gift giving best friend: Givted.

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Sample Givt via Givted

Givted is a gift card that takes things to the next level; it is a crowd gifting service to fund what your friends, family and co-workers really want. Givted can be used for any occasion and any type of gift. Let’s break it down in three easy steps:

  1. The gift receiver creates a want list. You can have as many items as you’d like on the list and set the price for the gift. For example, you could ask for the full $500 for a new iPhone but only $100 for your new $200 Nike shoes. You’re in charge of your wants.
  2. The gift giver sees an item on your want list and sets up a money pot. The money pot can have a set deadline, such as the gift receiver’s birthday, and an unlimited amount of donors can donate to the givt.
  3. The givt is delivered and the recipient has 6 months to redeem the money in the givt.

Givted is a website and new app that combines shopping, social networking and visual bookmarking to ensure a seamless gift purchase and delivery. One of the companies founders said that Facebook confirmed that gifting digitally was taking off but that Givted would differentiate by being a platform for luxury brands.

A benefit for gift givers is that, “they don’t have to worry about paying each other back while one person makes the purchase, because the site takes care of the exchange of money” (Mashable). A benefit for the gift receiver is that Givted takes care of stewardship for you; “before getting the money you will be asked to write a note to all of the participants on your givtcard.”

Click here for more information and to start creating your own want list

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  1. This is so interesting, I love the concept! I’ll definitely have to try it out – thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Hillary, Thanks a lot for your comment! Happy you loved it… We wait for you on Givted 😉 !

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