Uber Is Doing Big Things – In The Big Apple

New Courier Service Aims to Hit NYC

New Courier Service Aims to Hit NYC

Did you ever think anything you ever wanted could be delivered right to your door, on beck-and-call? Well you can with your smartphone Uber app, only in New York City.

Uber, the revolutionary private car service continues to astound many as they launch an on-demand courier service in New York City. The new service known as UberRUSH allows smartphones users to order a courier “who will pick up and deliver any item that a normal human can carry.” Users will then be able to track the messenger who is either on foot or bike by using the GPS application. “With UberRUSH, your packages travel like a VIP,” the San Francisco based start-up said in a blog post Monday.

“RUSH is an experiment that we’re rolling out from the Uber Garage — our workshop of sorts where we tinker with new ideas for urban logistics,” the company said. Uber is testing this new service at a slow pace. Rates are calculated based on zone pricing, deliveries that begin and end within the same zone will cost a flat fifteen dollars and each zone crossed during delivery will cost an extra five.

Uber ensures that each messenger hired will go through an extensive background check in order to eliminate safety concerns. The background check will include an in-person interview, screening as well as ongoing quality controls. Privacy and safety precautions are something that Uber prides themselves on.

Uber has been a sensation among the younger generation because of their easy access requests. With almost everyone using smartphones, Uber has made their service so accessible, running 24 hours a day. With just one tap, transportation has reinvented itself this generation. Uber was founded in 2009 and is operating in more than 70 cities. Uber has also become a big investment to companies like GOOG, Goldman Sachs and First Round Capital and will continue to flourish in the upcoming years.