Password Manager App

Have you ever found yourself trying to remember a million different passwords? If you have, then it is time to get the password manager app, LastPass. Let’s face it, we all have a million different passwords for everything from our bank accounts to email accounts and everything in between. The interface of the password manager app is very simple and easy. You simply download it from the app store, enter your email address and create a master password. That’s it! You’re done! Continue reading

Free News App

It happens too often. We are trying to work out, get ready, answer emails and have a bite to eat before we are out the door for the day. Then we find ourselves sitting at the conference table at work not knowing what is going on in the news. But who has time to navigate the Internet during the usual crazy mornings? No one. What young working professionals need is a free news app where we can look at it and get the top stories when we only have a few seconds to spare. Ladies and gentleman, Circa. Continue reading

Easy Scheduling App

How many times have you tried to schedule something with friends or colleagues only for it to never happen due to scheduling? For most of us, the answer to this would be ALL THE TIME. But thanks to the easy scheduling app, Doodle, this no longer has to be a problem. Can I get an amen? Continue reading

Manage Projects and Tasks

Odds are that you have been in a group project before. And lets be honest, no one likes group projects. Trying to meet with your team to manage projects and tasks is a hassle with everyone’s different schedules, getting everyone to collaborate and making sure everyone stays on top of it and is organized. Who wants to deal with that? Fear group projects no more with Trello!

Continue reading

Easy Task Manager

Have you ever been on the struggle bus when it comes to not completing everything you were supposed to? If so, jump off that struggle bus and say goodbye and download the easy task manager, 30/30. As young working professionals, trying to balance our time is one of the hardest tasks. We constantly find ourselves trying to find blocks of time that we can block out to get our day-to-day tasks completed. Continue reading