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Celebrities Optimize Social Engagement with Steph Curry’s Slyce

Basketball superstar Steph Curry, the point guard for the Golden State Warriors, has partnered with a new social media platform called Slyce. Slyce, a Bay Area startup, is intended to help celebrities utilize social media tools and filter through incoming posts. By using the new platform, influencers are able to optimize social engagement.

Photo courtesy of Twitter.com.

Photo courtesy of Twitter.com.

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How Facebook’s New Reactions Feature Will Help Brands

Last Wednesday, Facebook launched its new Reactions feature. Facebook users have always been able to “like” a post. But now, users can select emojis expressing “love”, “haha”, “wow”, “sad”, and “angry” to apply to posts and stories they come across in their news feeds. Brands and advertisers on Facebook should be especially excited about this. The new Reactions feature will help brands deliver more targeted and direct messages to their audiences.

Photo courtesy of fourth source.com.

Photo courtesy of Facebook.com.

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Automatic Captioning Tool Is Now Offered By Facebook

Automatic Captioning Tool

Photo courtesy of bidnessetc.com.

As of February 10, Facebook offers an automatic captioning tool for brands posting silent videos. This update allows brands to communicate their message through text and visual cues when using the silent autoplay feature. With the use of the new automatic captioning tool, advertisers can insert their message as quickly as possible, encouraging users to stop and watch the video when scrolling through a news feed.

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Presidential Candidates Use Social Media for Political Gain

Presidential candidates use social media to generate political momentum. Candidates from both parties in the 2016 election have turned to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for aid in the fight for the White House. Here is a look at how successfully the major presidential candidates use social media to spread their political views: Continue reading