Customer Service online requires planning before execution

Customer Service online is an expectation of the average consumer in today’s world. ¬†Businesses are flocking to the digital space to meet this expectation but tend to be skipping the vital planning step before executing. ¬†Planning takes time and strategy to ensure it is effectively adopted throughout the organization.

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Google Plus: Do not be left without a community

Google Plus when announced in 2011 was seen as a social media platform that would not be able to build a substatntial audience and pull focus from Facebook and Twitter.  Almost two years later, Google Plus is the second largest social media platform and has over 25 percent of its users active on the platform.

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Second screen of the Super Bowl

Super Bowl TV ads still hold a steep price for a 30-second spot. The price for this years Super Bowl is $4 million for 30 seconds. Companies are putting more effort in developing the online side of their brand.

This year PepsiCo, Kraft and Taco Bell are among the companies who have decided to release their Super Bowl ads before the big day. Brands released their commercials online giving time for their commercial to have another chance to go viral before being sandwiched between other brands.

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