About Caroline Robinson

Caroline Robinson is graduating May 2015 from Southern Methodist University with a major in Public Relations and Strategic Communications, with a minor in Business Administration. LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/carolinerobinson1

The Rising Popularity of Music Festivals

The phrase “festival season” might as well be patented by now by all the big name sponsors and production companies of musical festivals.  No matter what city you’re in (or in proximity to), there is sure to be a couple music festivals close by.  Across the world, music festivals can be found on every continent and in practically every genre. Continue reading

Hollywood’s Age of Marvel Movies

The interpretation of comic book superhero into film is no new trend in Hollywood.  But in the past 7-8 years, Marvel Comic books has transformed it’s franchise into Marvel Movies.  Whether you’re a die hard DC Comics fan or a Marvel fan, there’s no denying that Marvel Movies have begun creating an empire.  Even if this empire is solely based on the number of movies they have produced in the past few years. Continue reading

Why All Companies Need to Practice Corporate Ethics

It’s not surprising that so many of today’s most successful companies also strongly emphasize different forms of corporate ethics in their business model. In companies that practice strong corporate ethics, the CEOs and presidents understand who are the most important people driving their business forward.  While all large company’s end goal is to maximize profit, some go about it in a more sustainable way. Continue reading

Hollywood’s Dramatization of The Theory of Everything

As the Oscar’s rolled out their red carpets last Sunday, everyone had their fingers crossed hoping for their favorites to win Best Picture.  The Theory of Everything, based on the memoir by Jane Wilde, Stephen Hawking’s first wife, did not win but was certainly a crowd favorite among the many of the categories it was nominated for.  Although, the tear jerking story presented in The Theory of Everything was a much more messy tale in real life. Continue reading

Better Call Saul Record High Debut

Better Call Saul, the prequel spin-off to AMC’s Breaking Bad, aired a two-day premiere this week.  Breaking Bad was not only known for domination over the Emmy’s and many other award shows but also for it’s loyal and cult following of viewers.  You can find iconic Heisenberg t-shirts anywhere from Target to Hot Topic.  So it’s no surprise that Better Call Saul raked in 6.9 millions viewers for the debut, making it the second most watched cable series debut of all time. Continue reading

How to Adapt to Ever-Changing Social Media

As young professionals, whether in your career as a student or in the professional world, it is easy to assume that you are all-knowing in the field of social media.  But the way it is now, the way it was once and will be, is ever-changing.  It is so necessary to constantly learn what’s going on in the social media world.  And that doesn’t mean just updating whatever app it is and clicking around. Continue reading