Everything to Know About Tinder Suing Bumble

According to Pew Research, 59% of Americans agree with the statement, “Online dating is a good way to meet people.” In the online dating world, two of the biggest companies are Tinder and Bumble. However, this past week Tinder’s parent company filed a lawsuit against Bumble for patent infringement. Here is everything to know about this highly talked about case:  Continue reading

The Dark Side of Blogging: Privacy and Security for Influencers

Over 66% of marketers incorporated bloggers into their social media strategy in 2017.  Bloggers evolved from part-time hobbyists to powerful influencers running online empires. Top influencers sit front row at New York Fashion Week, receive free merchandise from mega brands and travel around the world. However, living in the public eye is not always as perfect as it seems. Many influencers face serious safety and security problems. Here are some of the issues with privacy and security for influencers. Continue reading