Instagram Stories Help Retail Marketing

Almost everyone has an Instagram account these days. Whether it is a personal account or for a business, Instagram is used across the board to share videos and images with both friends and the public. While most organizations have accounts, not everyone uses them to their full potential. Retail businesses, in particular, have a huge opportunity with this social media platform. One of Instagram’s latest updates, Instagram stories help retail marketing in a new way. 

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Snapchat Stories: It’s About Time

Snapchat has made its first move into the realm of social media after introducing “Snapchat Stories” on their blog Thursday. Stories will allow users to add multiple snaps from the past 24 hours together into “My Story,” which can then be shared with friends as a narrative of what they have done or seen that day. The new component adds dimension to the app known for sending pictures to friends for 10 seconds or less before disappearing.

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