“Made With IBM” Takes on the Masters

Has IBM Changed What a Sponsorship Entails?

Many companies use sports sponsorships to kick-start a new campaign.  The company typically introduces a few fresh commercials, each of which will run multiple times throughout the event.  These commercial are usually supported with coinciding social, print, and outdoor media.  Think the P&G “Thank You, Mom” commercials that ran throughout the Olympics. Continue reading

The Master’s social media

Going to The Masters is an incredible experience that you will share with friends for years to come, too bad you won’t be sharing in real time. Social Media is one thing that major golf tournaments aren’t up to par on.

When you go to a major golf tournament they take your phones, cameras, Ipads, and anything else you might be tempted to take a picture with away from you. How much free media buzz are these tournaments like The Master’s missing out on? There are some positives and negatives to this element of The Masters.

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