Klout Just Grew, Not Only in its Score

 The social media platform Klout is having a big week. It is being purchased by Lithium Technologies, a social customer service company for $100 million. If you didn’t already know, Klout is a website and mobile application that uses social media analytics to rank its users based on their social media usage. Its business focuses on a score 1-100 using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare, Instagram, and Wikipedia to create the Klout Score. Over the past several years, Klout has undergone a bit of criticism regarding a tech analyst. It was understood that he had a higher Klout score than President Barack Obama. Critics have also argued that a Klout score devalues the authenticity of online communication. The founder of Klout, Joe Fernandez created the social media platform due to his inability to speak after jaw surgery. Consequently, relying on Facebook and Twitter to communicate…the irony. Continue reading

What’s Your Stance on the Death Penalty?

Yesterday, Governor Jay Inslee announced  that he will not be executing people during his term as governor of Washington. After a year of much debate, he came to the conclusion that there are too many doubts about capital punishment and too many flaws in the system. According to the Seattle Times, Inslee explained that the death penalty, “is applied unequally in the state of Washington, death-row inmates are rarely executed, life in prison is less expensive than prosecuting a death sentence from start to finish; and that there is no evidence it deters murder.” Continue reading

As Blogs Continue to Thrive, Twitter Makes its Descent


Has the blue bird lost its wings?

Today, the world of communications is expanding at a rapid pace. With more and more social media trends out there, Twitter is slowly moving out of the limelight. As its stock price just plummeted by 18%, people are worried because users aren’t signing up like they used to. Followers on Twitter are no longer interested in what you had for dinner or what airport you are delayed in. Created to be used for news and media updates, Twitter has become a target for patronization. Continue reading

The Snapchat Phenomena: When Face-to-Face Communication Turned Wireless


Has the text messaging era come to an end?

When texting at the dinner table was deemed to be rude, who would have thought posing for a “selfie” while biting into a burger would become the next biggest fad?  Well, today the world of communicating has escalated to a whole other level.

While many people are still getting the hang of texting on the Iphone, people around the world are “snapping” pictures of themselves to friends in lieu of a text.  Thus, creating a much more intimate way of communicating with one another. Rather than adding an emojicon to a text in order to convey emotions, Snapchat is able to express the physicality of communication through photos. Being able to share a specific moment face-to-face with someone across the country adds character and familiarity to communication, when text messages do not. Continue reading