Social Media Hijacking

Twitter strikes again with social media hijacking. It started when Munchies, a food site sponsored by Vice Magazine, raised some hell with their barbecue allegations this weekend. If anything is to be learned from this situation, it’s that people have very serious feelings about their barbecue. That, and the fact communicators need to do better with understanding the sentiments of their publics. Continue reading

Hate Towards Millennials: Steps Towards Social Harmony

Some say there’s been no shortage of hate towards millennials in recent years. Most likely you’ve read articles blaming millennials for the “downfall” of local businesses, capitalism or even democracy. However, as the millennial generation starts to occupy a larger percentage of the workforce, some believe it’s time for the older generations to ease up. Continue reading

Representation in Media: The Voice of Identity

2018 has already been an interesting year for representation in media. Platforms like the Super Bowl commercials and record-breaking film Black Panther have captured the limelight of the digital world. The responses to these forms of media show why it’s necessary to broadcast diversity. This is important not only on the movie and TV screens but in all forms of media. Continue reading

Periscope is on the Decline? App Users Express Concern

Many speculate that Periscope is on the decline as Twitter gets called out for its relationship, or lack thereof, with their 2015 video streaming acquisition.

Periscope has had an interesting journey from its launch. In it’s infancy, It was revolutionary for its ability to connect viewers’ comments to the video streamer in real time. It facilitated a more intimate connection between content creator and content viewer. This relationship had not been previously explored prior to the app’s launch. After a year of activity under Twitter’s umbrella, Apple even declared Periscope to be the iOS app of the year. Continue reading