Be your own PR Mixologist

Since I have talked a lot about Public Relations; I thought I would share 5 New Technologies that can help your own PR mix by making it more interesting. The article that taught me all these amazing tips was called “5 New Technologies to Spice Up Your PR Mix” by Christopher Bennett found on PR News Online. Continue reading

How to Restore an Image

Because I have talked a lot about public relations with events, I thought it would be nice to share and reiterate how to restore an image and the ways that I learned about from the article titled, “4 Ways to Rehabilitate a Sullied Image” that I found on PR News Online ( by Bill Miltenberg. Continue reading

How to earn PR success with your events

How to earn PR success with your events

I have talked a lot about how to utilize social media for planning events, but Public Relations is just as important. While reading PR News online ( I came across a great article I would like to share with you! The article titled “6 Tips for PR Success with Your Events” Scott Van Camp provides tips for public relations. Continue reading