Gettin’ The Info On That Graphic

Ever wonder why infographics and data visualization have become so popular over the last year or two? Here are some reasons using the data

Short Attention Spans

Nowadays all our society is “diagnosed” with ADD. This is demonstrated by the fact that most people will decide to leave a website or continue exploring it in the first 2-4 seconds of seeing the page. With very little time to convince people to stick around, infographics and visualizations are a more effective way to literally catch peoples’ eye.

Information Overload

With the worlds information currently doubling every two years, it is no wonder people experience information overload. With smartphones, tablets and the ubiquity of the internet, people are constantly receiving, analyzing, sharing and creating new information. Due to this overload you need to stick out to get people’s attention. Creating a compelling visualization of data or information can make it really stick out from all of the other noise of day-to-day life.

Easy to Understand

As humans, we are very visual creatures. Our ability to quickly interpret visual information is far greater than that of written words. By creating visualizations you can make complex information easier to understand.

Reading Retention

People have horrible retention rates for the information they read. According to the data sited in the infographic on data visualization below, people only remember about 20% of what they read.

More Engaging

With such a large volume of new content published every day, people are inundated. By creating something that is visually compelling, people are more likely to be engaged.


Coachella Fans Want A Houston Hologram

Coachella 2013, California’s biggest music festival is now only four days away, meaning all its fans and media are begging one monumental question: which deceased artist will be resurrected for the festival’s opening weekend? As many are aware, last year the festival brought rapper, Tupac Shakur, back to life in a digitalized-hologram, whose visual performance was the highlight of the entire weekend. When a holographic image is all anyone can talk about- after seeing  the industries’ top artists perform- we can be sure Coachella has done something right.


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Stock Market Gets Social

Breaking news updates will no longer be the only educated content on your Twitter-feed, thanks to the latest SEC ruling, permiting companies to tweet stock updates and post financial information to Facebook. This jurisdiction has enabled the social media-savvy investor to watch their stocks, analyze business trends, and retweet your girlfriend’s tweet all on one website or dashboard… oh, how the times are changing.

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Facebook Inc. is in efforts to incorporate Twitter’s infamous hashtag symbol, a move that would establish Facebook as the paramount social platform. facebook-hashtags-elite-daily1-485x323While Twitter successfully rivals Facebook in the social-media atmosphere, it is still a fraction of the size of Facebook Inc. and needs to maintain proprietoriship over all its trademarks the best it can. Continue reading

Can’t Get No Satisfaction


Lately I’ve been intrigued in the scholarly articles circulating the web and my email about the characteristics of the last 3 generations. Baby Boomers, Generation X, and then our generation, Gen Y, all embody different qualities and flaws due to the social and technological advancements of their respective eras.

Gen Y are commonly referred to as the “Millenials,” and consists of those born anywhere between 1980’s-2000. The inherent qualities pertaining to our Gen Y’s are narcissism, rejection of social convention, and a desire for immediate satisfaction. Now these don’t appear as very flattering qualities on the surface, which inspired me to research the reasoning behind these appellations. Continue reading

Best Picture or Best Campaign?


Just days before Oscar weekend, the looming question is on everyone’s mind, “Who will win the best picture?” After reading many articles, I am intrigued to find that this monumental award isn’t about which movie truly was best picture, but rather  who can draw the most support for their film.

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San Francisco Newest Betch

Earlier this week I was thrilled to come across a fellow San Francisco gal with a witty sense of humor, who started a Facebook and Twitter account under the pseudonym, “Marina Girl Says.” Not only is she hysterical (to SF natives at least), she depicts the greatest parts of San Francisco’s Marina District in the sassiest way.

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