Dating Apps are the New Black

Crowdpilot: The new dating/advice app.

As we evolve into newer and better forms of technology, it was only a matter of time before

The app Crowdpilot is for many different situations, not just dating

technology leaked into our personal sphere. Online dating as whole has been around for about ten years and are increasing in popularity year after year. Everyone sees at least one commercial a day for or eHarmony. And then Tinder happened.

Tinder became a popular “dating” app last year. Because one of my colleagues has already blogged about Tinder, if you aren’t familiar with it, please refer to her blog post. Tinder has set the course for an untapped

market of dating apps and the newest comes with a twist: instead of looking for love you are asking for love advice.  Continue reading

Olympics Athletes Looking to Score More Than Just Gold Medals

In the technological 21st century it would only seem normal to cut away any old-fashioned rules of dating and Tinder is no exception.

This dating application uses your Facebook information and mini profile to find eligible singles within a certain mile radius. Potential matches appear on the application based on certain qualities and interests. If you like what you see then you swipe right and if you aren’t interested you swipe left. If the person you swipe to the right has also swiped you to the right, then bingo we have a match!

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Technology, to Iphones, to Tinder



Fifty years ago, if you told someone about the iPhone they might actually be able to fathom the concept of a portable device in which one can communicate with loved ones, friends and colleagues. As mind blowing and as such an accomplishment as apple achieved when they created the iPhone, it cannot even touch the social impact that technology has created through social media. In this instance, I would like to speak about the smartphone app called Tinder.

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Answering the Age Old Question – Hot or Not?

Tinder launched in Los Angeles in September of 2012 and activated a new take on the age old game of “hot or not”.  Tinder is a free app for the iPhone that connects to the user’s Facebook account to build a profile with a couple of photos. After creating the brief profile of interests and friends Tinder will show your photos to other Tinder users in your area. Continue reading