Rethinking Emergency Response: The Use of Social Media During Natural Disasters


Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and newer social media startups are now arguably essential during natural disasters due to the fact that social media spreads information faster than older emergency response methods.

The U.S. has been hit hard over the past few weeks in terms of natural disasters. Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma were life threatening super storms that caused over $200 million in damages. Something of critical importance during this time was the use of social media as opposed to other emergency response methods. This showed the significance of social media’s importance in emergencies. Continue reading

Let’s go Live: Utilizing Live Video to Build a Brand


Last April, Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of his company’s newest feature: Facebook Live Video. Described by Zuckerberg as ” having a TV camera in your pocket,” Facebook Live catalyzed a shift in how brands and users communicate to their respected audiences.

Since April, live aspects of social media platforms have taken over. Social media live video had a groundbreaking year in 2016, replacing many aspects of traditional media. This past fall, viewers tuned in to watch NFL game on Twitter and watch history unfold on Facebook as the 2016 presidential debates took place.


As live video continues to establish itself as a staple in the transmission of news, it also presents a great opportunity for brands. The most notable takeaway for brands is to utilize live to promote a sense of authentic and build credibility amongst consumers. According to a study conducted by Dallas-based Richard Group, 80 percent of consumers authentic content is the most influential factor in their decision to become a follower of a brand.

Some noteworthy examples of brands utilizing the live aspect are The Tonight Show who used Facebook live to show behind-the-scenes footage of the show, Target who used Facebook live to give fans a glimpse into design partnerships, and Marc Jacobs who used Instagram live to preview their 2016 line.

It is important that as both consumers and social strategists, we continue to stay informed with the latest trends.


Twitter is Lovin’ McDonald’s Super Bowl Campaign


What do a wheelbarrow full of Doritos, designer sandals, a trip to Ecuador and a $1,000 Victoria Secret gift card have in common? These were a few prizes offered on McDonald’s Twitter account during the Big Game.

Last Sunday evening, Twitter users were lovin’ McDonald’s Super Bowl campaign. Their winning idea: to give away every advertised product during the Super Bowl, after the ad airs, by offering it through a live tweet from McDonald’s twitter account.

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Have Touchscreens Replaced Toys?


TouchscreenSay goodbye to Toys-R-Us, with technology advancing at the speed of light, the young generation is resorting to touchscreen devices to play with “toys”. As more devices offer free toy apps, toddlers are replacing toys with touchscreens. Children are no longer begging their parents to buy them the newest beanie baby or cabbage patch doll, it’s all about the iPad. Traditional toys are moving their way out of the clutter in the playroom. Continue reading

New e-Book Hits the Stands in the Digital Communication World


What’s the next biggest trend in the digital world?

The e-Book. GovDelivery, the leading public communication solution that offers an automated e-mail and digital subscription management platform to government, announced the availability of “What’s Next,” a complimentary e-book that identifies key trends in digital communications. GovDelivery enables government organizations to connect with more people, and get those people to take action. More than 1,000 government organizations use their communications platform to reach over 60 million people. GovDelivery shares tips and strategies for public sector communicators to capitalize on these trends to achieve mission results.

The key to staying connected - is GovDelivery

The key to staying connected – is GovDelivery

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Crimes Against Humanity Flood North Korea


North KoreaWhat is going on in North Korea? Well, to put it in perspective, reports have compared North Korea’s atrocities to that of the Nazi’s. However, North Korea refuted, saying the findings are wrong. Typical, yet it’s extremely rare for a UN report to directly implicate a country’s leader if nothing was wrong. In other words, the UN is taking this very seriously. A UN panel warned the North Korean leader that he may be held accountable for alleged crimes against humanity–think torture, rape, slavery, and murder. The UN called on the international community to act in whatever manner necessary.

For almost a year, there has been an ongoing investigation traced back to the abuses of the people of North Korea. One witness, a survivor of a North Korean prison camp, told the commission of “seeing a guard beat a nearly starving woman who had recently given birth, then force the woman to drown her baby.” Others told of being “imprisoned for watching soap operas, trying to find food for their families, traveling without permission or having family members considered suspect by the government.”

What is going on in North Korea today is simply incomprehensible. How can dictators exude such extreme power over their people in order to torture them. Sadly, it is evident that genocide will be an ongoing issue in our world, no matter what any humanitarian says.

It’s Valentine’s Day… Spread the Love



Every year on February 14th Valentines Day takes place. Valentines Day is known as the day of the romance, love and friendship, it is the day to spend affection to loves ones. Family, friends, couples exchange presents, flowers, cards, and chocolates and sweets between loved ones. This holyday has become one of the most famous holydays on the U.S. More than 62% of the population celebrates it. During this day it’s impossible to find a seat at a restaurant without prior reservation, couple and loved ones swamp restaurants to express their love in a romantic dinner.

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SocialBro is Your Homie


Here is an example of SocialBro's analysis for a company.

Here is an example of SocialBro’s analysis for a company.

SocialBro enhances a Twitter account’s productivity and utility through analytical, targeting, engaging, and managing features. 

In today’s ever-competitive social media market, companies are perpetually searching for the most up-to-date technology to increase their online presence. Popular application and programs include Hootsuite, Klout, and Social Mention, but SocialBro is an invaluable asset that would benefit any company. So what makes SocialBro rise above the rest?

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As Blogs Continue to Thrive, Twitter Makes its Descent


Has the blue bird lost its wings?

Today, the world of communications is expanding at a rapid pace. With more and more social media trends out there, Twitter is slowly moving out of the limelight. As its stock price just plummeted by 18%, people are worried because users aren’t signing up like they used to. Followers on Twitter are no longer interested in what you had for dinner or what airport you are delayed in. Created to be used for news and media updates, Twitter has become a target for patronization. Continue reading

Dave & Buster’s: Arcade or Sports Bar?



Dave & Buster’s:

Arcade or Sports Bar?

Dave & Buster’s is an American restaurant and entertainment business headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Most think of D&B as strictly an arcade, however it is so much more. D&B’s arcade reputation makes it seem as though it is only for children, however each D&B has a full-service restaurant and bar, attracting an older crowd.

Attracting the older crowd:

While the new D&B keeps its arcade intact with over 120 games, they have made an effort to expand into an older demographic. In recent years D&B has brought on their “Eat and Play” deal. This deal starts by giving the customer about 10 different items to choose from including; burgers, chicken fingers, Philly cheesesteaks, and other bar items. Then you can choose the $16.99 deal( includes a $10 play card for games) or a $24.99 deal(includes a $20 play card). All of this while sitting at a booth or at the bar, with a plethora of televisions giving the customer a true sports bar feel.

This Eat and Play combo deal brings in an older crowd of sports fans and college students to come grab some bar food, watch the game, and after getting nice and lubricated, drunkenly competing against their friends at the variety of different racing and shooting games.

Oh did I forget to mention that they have beer towers everywhere? 

They have even begun to advertise their sports bar. Click here

Keeping the younger crowd:

The new D&B in Dallas has over 120 games readily available for the younger crowd. While some of these games include Fruit Ninja, Mario Cart, and Doodle Jump, D&B has done a fantastic job integrating addicting iPhone and console games into their lineup.

As always, the ultimate goal still remains to collect as many tickets as humanly possible to buy that sweet ice cream maker, or even the Xbox. However, as adults, lets be real, it would take thousands of dollars to win those gifts…

Trust me, I have tried… Many times.


So what to change?

Dave & Buster’s has done a great job at what they do for many years (they are an arcade that still exists…) But it is time to bring in the big guns. Launching a social media campaign to bring out that group of 18-30 year olds, that do not have children, is the final goal. With the new Dallas location, they have the goods to get it done. Time to start advertising those happy hours and posting pictures of those beer towers.

Want a new sports bar to go check out? Click Here


The Snapchat Phenomena: When Face-to-Face Communication Turned Wireless


Has the text messaging era come to an end?

When texting at the dinner table was deemed to be rude, who would have thought posing for a “selfie” while biting into a burger would become the next biggest fad?  Well, today the world of communicating has escalated to a whole other level.

While many people are still getting the hang of texting on the Iphone, people around the world are “snapping” pictures of themselves to friends in lieu of a text.  Thus, creating a much more intimate way of communicating with one another. Rather than adding an emojicon to a text in order to convey emotions, Snapchat is able to express the physicality of communication through photos. Being able to share a specific moment face-to-face with someone across the country adds character and familiarity to communication, when text messages do not. Continue reading