Dead Poet(ry) Society

Verses features various rhyming and writing tools.

Verses features various rhyming and writing tools.

Is poetry a form of art that can adapt to modern society?

Technology’s development in modern society has been one of the greatest catalysts for change and progress. Almost everything is becoming digital. But can everything become digitalized? Does anything lose value as it becomes infused into our ever digital world?  Continue reading

Bringing Photos Back into Frames

In the past few years, with the development of Facebook, Instagram, Tumbler, and all the other digital photo sharing applications, printing out hard copy photographs has become less and less popular. Whether it is the inconvenience, since most of our pictures are taken from our phones these days, the cost, or just pure laziness, it is unfortunate that our photos are all stuck on a computer screen and the walls of our homes are standing bare. Continue reading

Christmas Tech List

As Halloween approaches, it’s hard not to start thinking about Thanksgiving and inevitably it’s cousin Christmas, and all the goodies you would love to find under the Christmas tree. So I have compiled not just any old Christmas Wish List but a Christmas Tech List of all the cool digital gadgets that I and maybe you would love brimming out of the stocking this year! From TVs, to tablets, to apps and more!

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Instagram Introduces Ads


US Instagram users will soon be seeing new changes on their Instagram feeds. Facebook owned Instagram is letting users know that it will slowly start inserting video and photo advertisements into the application over the next few months to avoid potential criticism from more than 150 million current Instagram users. Continue reading

Public Relations Major Tricks People To Think He’s Snapchat’s Publicist


Towards the end of our college careers our professors start to give us more assignments that will help us in the real world. We finally have the opportunity to write our final papers and projects on things that interest us. This is a really great opportunity to do our best work because who knows who might see it. It may land you a potential job. One public relations college student did a final project on Snapchat that was so GOOD, that people believed he was Snapchat’s publicist.

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Battle of the Transportation Apps

We are currently living in the midst of a digital takeover… and no one wants to be left behind! Literally – no one wants to be left behind, and that’s why more and more people (and more cities) are turning to Smartphone transportation apps like Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar to conveniently help people get to their desired destinations. Continue reading

New Handwriting Feature Released for Google Translate 2.0

Yesterday, Google released Google Translate version 2.0 for iOS, an app that can translate your handwriting. Test input, voice translations and handwritten text are now all included in the updated app. The app translates your handwritten characters into your native language by checking the Google Translate display at the top of your screen.

Google Translate

More than 70 languages are supported by the application with 49 of the different languages being supported by the handwriting feature of the application. The handwriting can even be read aloud to you in your desired language. 7 new languages including, Bosnian, Cebuano, Lao, Marathi, Hmong, Javanese and Khmer, are also now available for translation.

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Be your own PR Mixologist

Since I have talked a lot about Public Relations; I thought I would share 5 New Technologies that can help your own PR mix by making it more interesting. The article that taught me all these amazing tips was called “5 New Technologies to Spice Up Your PR Mix” by Christopher Bennett found on PR News Online. Continue reading

Just One Blow

It might be easy to count how many drinks you have had at a bar, but do you know what your blood alcohol content is? How do you know if you are below the legal limit for alcohol content? We have all heard of breathalyzers, but with the new attachment called the Breathometer with just one blow you will be able to see your blood alcohol content.

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