How to Adapt to Ever-Changing Social Media

As young professionals, whether in your career as a student or in the professional world, it is easy to assume that you are all-knowing in the field of social media.  But the way it is now, the way it was once and will be, is ever-changing.  It is so necessary to constantly learn what’s going on in the social media world.  And that doesn’t mean just updating whatever app it is and clicking around. Continue reading

The Rise of Arab Spring

The occurrence of Arab Spring on December 18, 2010 sparked a new revolution in Tunisia along with other countries.

It began with the self-immolation of Mohammed Bouazizi in protest of the injustices of the police. Retaliation occurred against the corrupt power. The main target was the corruption of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. This movement represented more than a political revolution but also a social media revolution that inspired others to stand up for theirrights.

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Google and Twitter Venture into Mobile App Install Advertisements

Mobile App Install Advertisements Gain Popularity

Facebook, Google, and Twitter have all allowed for companies to advertise on their websites for years, but recently mobile advertising, specifically mobile app install advertisements, have become extremely predominant. Mobile app install ads enable users to download games and other apps directly to their mobile device from the ad itself. Continue reading

Billboard Twitter Real-Time Charts Used To Track US Music Conversation

Billboard and social media network Twitter announced a multi-year partnership to create Billboard Twitter Real-Time Charts. 

Expected to launch in the upcoming weeks, Billboard announced on March 27, 2014 Billboard Twitter Real-Time charts that will track US music conversation occurring over millions of tweets sent each day. By combining the authority of the Billboard charts and the opinion of Twitter users, these charts will be based off of real-time data in order to rank music.


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Turkey to Open First Apple Store

Despite its stringent social media regulations, Turkey is opening its first Apple store 

Apple announced Friday that it will be opening the first Apple store in Istanbul, Turkey on April 5.  The Zorlu Center mall will house the company’s first foray into Turkey, which Apple CEO, Tim Cook, explains “will be unique in all respects, with a store concept that will be the first of its kind in the entire world.”

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Twitter is King on the Second Screen

Twitter's logo is located on many second screens.Ellen’s Oscar-selfie, otherwise known as the selfie that broke Twitter, became the most retweeted tweet of all time with over 2 million tweets just hours after posting. TV viewers live-tweeting TV programs has become a phenomenon in recent years with shows creating unique hashtags and twitter accounts. Ellen’s Oscar-selfie is just one example of how the social network is dominating the second screen world.

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High-profile and High-tech: SXSW is the Place to be in the World of Tech

The South by Southwest Festival, a weeklong event in Austin bringing together some of the most talented individuals in music, film, and interactive media, now has a lot more to offer than a good time. Today SXSW is one of the premiere annual events for media members, entrepreneurs and investors in the world of tech.

The place to be for cutting-edge technologies and digital creativity is none other than SXSW Interactive Festival.  The rise of social media and startup launch success are two of the most prominent factors of analyzing the expansion of the SXSW Interactive over the past decade.
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Nonprofits and Social Media

 The Giving World of Social Media

With the increasing interest for community service and donations, nonprofit organizations have grown in their scope and impact on society. A nonprofit or not for profit organization is a type of association that uses it revenue and donations for the greater benefit of the general public and does not operate for profit. In addition to the growing service for nonprofit organizations, the digital age has also been taking off and many have taken advantage of this new way of communicating to stakeholders and the public.

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We’re Like, Addicted to Likes, and We Don’t Like It

facebook-like-iconA fly on the wall in a mid-sized or bigger lecture hall would be hard pressed to go an entire class period without seeing one or two social media-ites, mentally ditching their classmates to publically pontificate their political views, the new dress they bought, or how much they enjoy the experience of on-campus parking. No matter what we post, there is no better feeling than the sight of that little red icon popping up on our notifications button telling us that someone had liked what we had to say, someone had seen, heard, dare I say- felt- what I felt.

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You Can’t Buy Your Friends – Or Can You?

Companies can buy likes, views, and followers to look more successful on social media 

As social media users, we know the familiar thrill of gaining new Twitter followers, or watching the number of views on our YouTube videos skyrocket. For companies, though, gaining new followers and reaching a broad audience is not just about the thrill — it is pivotal to success.  As blogger Daniel Sharkov explains, “No matter how much you engage with others or how quality your tweets are, getting results with only 200 followers can hardly happen.”

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Social Media: Harmful or Harmless?

Most students these days believe that social media is harmless, but in reality, social media does more harm then good. When a student posts pictures or status on their Facebook or Twitter, they only think that their friends can view it. However, once they are uploaded they are available to the public. Also, the delete button gives them a sense of security, but anything that is uploaded on the internet can be traced even if it is deleted.

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Spoiler Alert: There’s an App for That

Spoiler Shield and other “spoiler-free” apps are increasing in popularity during the Olympics.

With the 2014 Winter Olympics well underway, viewers are constantly finding out results prematurely. The New York Times recently published an article describing the benefits of the “spoiler-free” app, Spoiler Shield. Spoiler Shield, released in 2013, protects user’s social media feed’s from potential spoilers for sports teams and TV shows.

Here’s a demonstration video about the app:

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Linger in Social Media

Linger Confrence uses social media to reach young adults.

What if when Jesus walked the earth, people pledged their allegiance to a person or cause by following them on Twitter instead of physically following them around?  What if Jesus’ followers could have just clicked “unfollow” at the crucifixion instead of fleeing the sight?  There is a Youtube video that depicts this idea.  The video is thought provoking, but it brings more to life than just the story of Jesus.  It is more than a pithy metaphor.  It is an example of how Churches and other ministries have started using social media to connect with their members and pursue others.  This use of social media is happening for the Linger Conference too. Continue reading

Klout Just Grew, Not Only in its Score

 The social media platform Klout is having a big week. It is being purchased by Lithium Technologies, a social customer service company for $100 million. If you didn’t already know, Klout is a website and mobile application that uses social media analytics to rank its users based on their social media usage. Its business focuses on a score 1-100 using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare, Instagram, and Wikipedia to create the Klout Score. Over the past several years, Klout has undergone a bit of criticism regarding a tech analyst. It was understood that he had a higher Klout score than President Barack Obama. Critics have also argued that a Klout score devalues the authenticity of online communication. The founder of Klout, Joe Fernandez created the social media platform due to his inability to speak after jaw surgery. Consequently, relying on Facebook and Twitter to communicate…the irony. Continue reading

Are Targeted Messages the New Norm?

Social Media Satisfies Consumers Wants

With today’s technology and popularity of social media, organizations are able to create specific messages tailored to the individual rather than the masses. Consumers are statistically shown to appreciate the individualized marketing that brands and organizations have started using.

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A Holiday at Sea: The Olympics Parallel Social Media

The Olympics and Social Media

Whether it’s watching Shaun White land a cool trick or hearing about the success of athletes who have trained for these games their whole life, the Olympics are always a time of unity and international support.  The games make the world seem smaller.  The countries get to work alongside one another in peace for a couple of weeks every other year.  There is something truly special about it, but this year things have gotten off to a rocky start.  Reporters are complaining of unsafe hotels and athletes are getting injured, not to mention the public uproar around security concerns and human rights issues.  Continue reading